Thursday, October 30, 2008

Can you hear me? Can you hear me now?


This was an interesting week for my professional learning (and it still is). It’s been a busy week, we are preparing our house to put it on the market in the next few weeks and we’ve been busy painting, touching up, cleaning, purging, and selling things madly. With report cards on the near horizon, the pile of marking grows and the preparations for report cards begin. To add on to this, I needed to explore a tool I have never used before (which is a first in this class). Well, I have to admit that I probably should have spent more time playing with VoiceThread, but you know how it goes, not enough hours in a day after school and hauling kids around to evening activities. Never-the-less, I did manage to dip my feet into VoiceThread and found that it was pretty easy to use. Here’s what I’ve discovered in my short exploration of VoiceThread so far……

In the beginning…
1. I created my account.
2. I looked to commoncraft for a video about voicethread and found nothing.
3. Disappointment set in.
4. I watched a little baseball.
5. I procrastinated more.
6. I painted the living room and main hallway in our house.
7. I went back to VoiceThread and “fiddled”.
8. I uploaded pictures.
9. I added a vocal comment to a picture.
10. I said to myself…”that’s it?”
11. I came to the conclusion after a few more minutes of searching around the website that…. “yes, that is it”.
12. Left it at that.
13. Next day uploaded a few more pictures and explored some of the other options in making comments on pictures.
14. Looked at a few voicethreads posted on the website.
15. Came to the conclusion that this is really easy and pretty cool.
16. Thought of how this could be used in the class……hmmm…..still brainstorming ideas….I think I’ll try it out with some kids tomorrow.
17. Shut the computer down thinking "soon it's the weekend and I have a lot to do" and "crap, it's halloween tomorrow".
18. Went to bed.....zzzzzzzz......(ok, I obviously did this before I went to sleep, but I think you catch the drift)


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