Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blogs vs. Wiki’s vs. Podcasts vs. VoiceThread. And the Winner Is……….WHOA! Back up the bus Bussiere!

When considering which web 2.0 tool I would like to introduce to my staff, the 4 that really stood out from the others were blogging, wiki’s, podcasting and voicethreads. When considering which would be the first to roll out, I think I need to consider several factors.

1.     Comfort level of staff using technology

2.     Which tool would staff embrace and not see as a steep learning curve

3.     Most bang for our buck (meaning the ease the tool is integrated into the curriculum with the least amount of prep)

4.     Time investment by staff

5.     How the tool benefits student achievement

6.     Grade level


That being said, there is a lot to consider when making a choice of which tool to use with staff. Being in a Pre-K to grade 8 school, not all web 2.0 tools are as easily implemented as others. So, how do I decide? I think the first step is to make all teachers aware of the tools available.


How do I do this without taking up too much of their valuable time?

I think I would like to post an example of each of the tools on the Virtual Library Web Page and tour teachers through each example. From there, it would be nice to give a brief overview of each tool and give teachers time to think about the learning implications for each tool.


As of this moment, if I were to decide which tool to use, I’m not quite sure which I’d choose. I’m still deciding.


The answer will be posted soon!


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