Sunday, November 2, 2008

Checkin' out the new digs!


Joanne de Groot said...

Hi Darryl (and Jillian),

Your new house is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm jealous of Abi's walk in closet! I like all the little niches, but I'm sure my husband wouldn't get it either! I'm sure you're looking forward to being able to move in!

Rhonda said...

Happy times and happy smiles indeed! I particularly enjoyed the new plasma TV happy face. You did a great job with your VoiceThread on something that I imagine you'll look back at for many years to come. I'm taking daily pictures of my kitchen renovation which is underway right at this moment (as I'm sitting in my office surrounded by my stove and several boxes of kitchen stuff) - I may just have to do a VoiceThread for my fabulous husband and stepson who are doing a fantastic job!