Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tried & Tested 2.0 Tools

So I’ve written about the new tools I had the opportunity to explore, what about the tools that I’ve already used and revisited this term? Rather than give a brief  overview of each tool, I thiought I’d focus on a couple that really stood out for me.


  1. Podcasting
    1. This is the tool in which I feel I should be using more than what I currently am. It’s a wonderful tool that can be used throughout the curriculum. What I really find appealing is that podcasting really lends itslf well to the various types of learners that we find in all our classes. For those reluctant writers, why not have them create a podcast where they can tell us what they have learned?
    2. Garage Band. To me, this is the ultimate creative tool that Mac offers in their iLife suite. If you haven’t had a chance to play with a Mac and explore, Garage band, I highly recommend you do so. You will easily get caught up in the application and have a tonne of fun creating your next podcast.
    3. Where I’d like to go with podcasting is having students create more frequently in the class but secondly, I’d really like to get in the habit of creating a professional podcast that could be posted on the school virtual library page. Perhaps on a  weekly basis to start. I’d like to offer tips, hints, news that would be helpful for teachers. The topics could vary widely but I’d like to focus on technology as my first target area. I’d keep the podcasts to 2-4 min. in length so it doesn’t take much time out a teachers day but it could offer some assistance in what they do in the class.


  1. Wiki’s
    1. This is another tool like podcasting that I’d really like to be using more. I’ve been involved in and created a few wiki’s  for various purposes, but I’d really like to get into the habit of using them more frequently in the class with students as we become more inquiry based in our school and our learning. Wiki’s provide a great opportunity to take collaboration to the next level for both students and teachers

                                               i.     Student collaboration – I’d like to start up my Language Arts group using a wiki again like I did a few years ago. The students loved the forum for discussion and really were engaged and held one another accountable for the work they were doing.

                                             ii.     Virtual Library – Last year I spent quite a significant amount of time developing my library webpage. Now that I’m a year wiser (or at least a year older), I’d like to revamp my webpage and make parts of it wiki based.


The greatest obstacle I have found to using some of the web 2.0 tools is the initial set up with students. The community that I am currently in is not overly technologically literate. Many families don’t have computers and as a result, students may not have email addresses. For some applications, students are required to have email accounts and this requires some set up on my part with students. Moving forward, I think I am going to have all my students set up a google account and then we can eliminate some of the bumps in the road that we face.


Bottom line….I need to make the time to use these more often in my school!


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